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2016 Project: Special Olympics

What is the Special Olympics?

Special Olympics helps more than 4.5 million athletes with intellectual disabilities worldwide.The organization gives the chance for the intellectually disabled to play sports. It is a symbol that anyone, even people with disabilites, can succeed if they are given the oppurtunities. The organization also informs and raise awereness of the abilities of people with intellectual disabilities. Special Olympics is the largest health organization for the intellectually disabled.

Project Unify
Contains three components:

  • Unified Sports - brings kids with intellectual disabilities and kids without intellectual disabilities together by practiving and playing together on teams.
  • Youth Activation Committee - informs the students and the public through increasing the positive impact of youth in the school.
  • School Involvement - fans in the stands at local events, volunteering at local events, hosting an event.


  • The Special Olympics has over 4.5 million athletes
  • 81,129 competitions worldwide every year (about 9 games every hour)
  • Funds are needed because supplies and medical care is completely free to the athletes.
  • Funds are used to cover everything, even shoes which are needed because 50% of preventable foot/ankle injuries occur due to porrly fitted shoes and socks

Ways to Volunteer

  • Volunteer for a local event
  • Volunteer to be a player on a team
  • Volunteer to be a coach/offical
  • Must be 18 or older
  • Certification training is offered by Special Olympics
  • Volunteer school facilities and recreational buidlings to host trainings and events

Contact Information
Special Olympics website http://www.specialolympics.org/
Special Olympics Florida website http://specialolympicsflorida.org
Find your county office information and directors at http://specialolympicsflorida.org/local-programs/

PowerPoint reference available HERE.

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