Hurricane Irma Relief

The FASA Foundation's Hurricane Irma Relief Fundraiser ends November 1st!


 The effects of Hurricane Irma are still being felt across Florida. For some, the damage was minimal; however, the impact on students and staff are significant in four schools. Insurance can repair or replace facilities and equipment and some limited supplies. But, insurance does not buy students "back to school" supplies nor does it replace personal teacher materials that in some instances took years to accumulate. 

The FASA Foundation is asking for every educator to help students and teachers in the four schools with significant destruction. (See below)

Make a difference!
Ways to Help:
1.) Donate Online Today
2.) Raise $10 or more per person at your school. FASA will recognize contributions in the FASA Friday Facts and school locations with $1,000 or more will get a beautiful certificate for framing. 
Please send checks to: 206B S. Monroe St., Tallahassee, FL 32301 or send donations through GoFundMe.
The FASA Foundation will distribute 100 percent of the contributions to the four schools based upon need and student enrollment . Your gift is tax deductible and you will receive a receipt from the Foundation.

The four schools designated to receive funds are:

1. Lee Elementary in Hillsborough County previously served 400 students but burned down completely during Hurricane Irma. The principal is Beverly Smith.

2. Stanley Switlik Elementary in Monroe County serves 600 students and suffered damage due to the storm.

3. Marathon Middle School in Monroe County under the leadership of Wendy McPherson serves 650 students. The school has significant damage.

4. Immokalee High School in Collier County, under the leadership of Principal Kenneth Fairbanks, serves 1,700 students. The school had a high migrant population and remains open as a shelter, as many families lost everything.

 Business Partners

Please help us in our efforts but contributing to the FASA Foundation Match Campaign. Our goal is for each of your corporate offices to generously match the donation you are willing to provide. You can double or triple the impact of your donation with a matching gift. The Foundation will reach it's goal even sooner with your help!

Ways to Help:

  1. Donate online today through FASA's GoFundMe page or make a check out to the FASA Foundation
  2. Reach out to your corporate office or colleagues in other states and ask them to donate a matching contribution.

Please mail checks to: 206B S. Monroe St. Tallahassee, FL.