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The association for administrators, district superintendents, principals, assistant principals, supervisors and those who support the public schools of Florida.


Florida’s public school administrative leaders support statutory provisions that allow schools to educate our students in safe classrooms led by high quality teachers.

To achieve this goal, we ask Florida’s legislative leaders to consider the following:


FASA calls for a comprehensive review of Florida’s accountability system, including but not limited to: a description of the system, including alignment and consistency within the accountability system; a determination of the capacity of districts and schools to administer the required statewide, standardized assessments without interruption in the ongoing delivery of instruction to students who are not being assessed; a development of a timeline for transition to school grades that includes all the components of school grades to be available before school grades are released; and an analysis of districts pay for performance plans and impact on teacher recruitment and retention.

  1. FASA Leaders support valid student assessments aligned to the current standards being taught in classrooms.

    • Develop a plan of action to address Florida Standards Assessment (FSA) issues identified by the Independent Verification Study. FASA leaders stand ready to work with DOE to develop a detailed plan of action and timeline to address the 13 recommendations identified in the Independent Verification of the Psychometric Validity for the Florida Standards Assessment by Alpine Testing Group.
    • Halt the practice of using statewide-standardized test results for any purpose other than diagnostic purposes until a revised accountability system is in place and a valid, reliable statewide assessment is adopted.
  2. FASA Leaders support a school grading system that accurately reflects student and school achievement and calculations that can be easily understood by the public.

    • Suspend school grades beginning with the 2014-15 School Year or issue an “I” (Incomplete) to all Florida schools until a valid assessment system can be developed.
  3. FASA Leaders support evaluations based in part on valid and reliable student performance data. Revise the current assessment and accountability systems to:

    • Provide an appropriate transition of evaluating teachers and administrators; grading districts and schools to allow for field testing; and setting appropriate baseline assessment data.
    • Authorize alternate methods for assessing learning and achievement for special populations such as ESE and ELL students.
    • Investigate the option of using student results on national norm tests instead of the Florida Standards Assessment
  4. Require a consistent Accountability of Measures and Standards for all educational entities receiving public education funds from the State of Florida.


    FASA Leaders also support the following issues:

  6. Increase the Base Student Allocation (BSA) and adjust for student population growth.
  7. Restore the full two mill discretionary funding to school boards to support Capital Outlay.
    • Funding for capital outlay must be provided equitably to public and charter schools or allocated in such a way that public schools, who provide the education for the majority of students in a district, receive at least the same amount of capital outlay money as charter schools on a consistent basis.
    • Now is the appropriate time to shift millage back to 2.0 mills and funding critically needed capital projects in school districts statewide and returning state funding of the operational portion of the education budget.
  8. Continue the fund shift for commercial electricity rates into PECO, along with a 1.5% increase in monies going into the fund for continue stabilization of available funding from PECO for all education stakeholders.
  9. Maintain current legislation regarding school start dates.
  10. Increase funding for the digital classroom allocation.
  11. Expand the funding for instructional materials categorical due to the increase in dual enrollment and digital instructional material costs.
  12. Maintain and support Safe Schools Categorical and encourage partnerships with local law enforcement to keep our schools safe.
  13. Incentivize more compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicle purchases by redesigning the Natural Gas Fuel Fleet Vehicle Rebate Program process.
  14. Convert “Best and Brightest Teacher” bonus funding program into a sustainable recruitment and retention tool, so it rewards performance for effective or highly effective on those teachers’ base salary allocation.
  15. Support the A.V.E. for Success program created by FASA to deliver digital resources to teachers, parents and students that are aligned to the standards, vetted by teachers and embraced by students.
  16. Reinstate the Cost of Living Adjustment for current employees to ensure their financial security in their retirement.
  17. Expand the Florida Employee Educational Assistance Program to include public school employees.
  18. Ensure a fair playing field for all students by supporting the efforts of the Florida High School Athletic Association.











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