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The association for administrators, district superintendents, principals, assistant principals, supervisors and those who support the public schools of Florida.


Florida’s public school administrative leaders support statutory provisions that allow schools to educate our students in safe classrooms led by high quality teachers.

To achieve this goal, we ask Florida’s legislative leaders to consider the following:


1. FASA Leaders support valid student assessments aligned to the current standards being taught in classrooms.
  • Calculation of comparable scores between FCAT, FSA, End of Course Exams, (EOC’s) and any assessments aligned to the current Florida standards must be proven valid and reliable, as well as being easily understood by parents and educators, prior to being used to identify student proficiency and learning gains, calculate school grades, or as part of educator evaluations.
  •  FDOE should pursue a policy to require curriculum developers to provide valid and reliable subject area EOC exams and included this requirement in the state approval process.
  •  The current mandate for computer-based testing is expensive and time consuming for both schools and students. Until adequate resources are provided for infrastructure and devices, this mandate should be eliminated or delayed.
2. FASA Leaders support a school grading system that accurately reflects student and school achievement and calculations that can be easily understood by the public.
  • FDOE data shows that the number of students scoring on grade level has increased every year since the inception of Florida’s school grading system. However, the numbers schools graded “A” to “F” has fluctuated based on the myriad of changes to the grading formula from year to year. School grades must reflect an accurate picture of student and school performance using a formula easy for the average Floridian to understand.
  •  Florida has experienced multiple years of data corrections resulting in elementary and middle school grades being released nearer to the opening of the next school year. This has led to public distrust of the validity of the system, further stressing the importance that the assessments be aligned to the standards. Florida must place a moratorium on school grading until such time as data from new standards and corresponding aligned assessments is available as a starting point. The following year’s data would be available to serve as a baseline.
3. FASA Leaders support evaluations based on accurate student performance in addition to supervisor and peer evaluations.
  •  Student performance data must be proven to be valid and reliable prior to being used for any high stakes performance evaluation purpose.
  • Performance pay and other statutes impacting teacher or administrators’ salary or employment status must be postponed until they can be based on statistically valid data and fully funded by the Legislature.
4. Require a consistent Accountability of Measures and Standards for all educational entities receiving public education funds from the State of Florida. This includes all public charter schools and other institutions receiving direct or indirect funding, including those institutions receiving tax credits/vouchers.


FASA Leaders also support the following issues:

5. Return the Base Student Allocation (BSA) to the 2007 school year, adjusted
for inflation and growth.

6. Restore the full two mill discretionary funding to school boards to support
Capital Outlay.

  • The 2014-15 state budget was the largest in the history of Florida, thereby acknowledging state revenues have recovered fully from the fiscal crisis that caused the state to shift .5 mills from LCI to RLE in 2009 to protect operational funds for schools. Now would be the appropriate time to shift this millage back to 2.0 mills and funding critically needed capital projects in school districts statewide and returning state funding of the operational portion of the education budget.
  • Continue the fund shift for commercial electricity rates into PECO, along with a 1.5% increase in monies going into the fund for continue stabilization of available funding from PECO for all education stakeholders.
7. Restore local control to school boards to determine school start dates.
  • Current statute requires the opening date for public schools districts to be no earlier than 14 days before Labor Day each year.
  • Labor Day does not occur on a fixed date, which has caused the school start date to fluctuate greatly from year to year.
  • For the 2015-2016 school year, students would be required to take course exams following the winter break.
8. Provide additional funding for infrastructure, technology and digital content to meet the 2015 state mandate for digital instructional materials and current testing requirements.











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