FASC Student Officers & Responsibilities


FASC President                                                                                 FASC Vice President

Coral Springs High School                                                             Ocoee High School           

7201 W. Sample Road                                                                    1925 Ocoee Crown Point Parkway

Coral Springs, FL 33065                                                                   Ocoee, FL  34761

754 322 0500                                                                                      407 905 3024                           

Advisor: Cassandra Brice                                                               Advisor:  Wendy Cartwright                                

Student: Logan Viera                                                                         Student: Leilani Tucker 


FASC Secretary                                                                                  FASC Treasurer

Pembroke Pines Charter High School                                      Palmetto Ridge High School         

17189 Sheridan Street                                                                   1655 Victory Lane

Pembroke Pines, FL  33331                                                           Naples, FL  34120

954 538 3700                                                                                      269 377 2400

Advisor:  Andrew Curry                                                                  Advisor:  Carolyn Sorrell

 Student: Vincent Toranzo                                                             Student:  Annamarie Vliet                                                                   


FASC Parliamentarian
Winter Park High School
2100 Summerfield Road
Winter Park, FL  32792
407 622 3200
Advisor: Karen Verity
Student:  Blake Cox


FASC District 1 President                                                                                              FASC District 2 President

Leon High School                                                                                                            Gainesville High School 

550 E. Tennessee Street                                                                                                1900 NW 13th Street

Tallahassee, FL  32308                                                                                                     Gainesville, FL  32609

850 617 5700                                                                                                                      352 955 6707

Advisor:  Joshua Stewart                                                                                               Advisor:  Melissa Mauldin                                                                          

Student:  Megan Steele                                                                                                 Student:  Nya Vidal


FASC District 3 President                                                                                              FASC District 4 President

Ocoee High School                                                                                                          Estero High School      

1925 Ocoee Crown Point Pkwy                                                                                  21900 River Ranch Road

Ocoee, FL  34761                                                                                                               Estero, FL  33928

407 905 3024                                                                                                                      239 947 5017

Advisor:  Wendy Cartwright                                                                                         Advisor:  Kari Reddish, John Robinson                                                                                   

Student:  Presley Anderson                                                                                         Student:  MarySue Burun                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        


FASC District 5 President                                                                                              FASC District 6 President

American Heritage High School                                                                                  Coral Springs High School       

6200 Linton Blvd.                                                                                                             7201 W. Sample Road

Delray Beach, FL  33484                                                                                                 Coral Springs, FL  33065

561 495 7272                                                                                                                      754 322 0500

Advisor:  Hope Gheorge                                                                                                Advisor:  Cassandra Brice                                                          

Student:  Corrine Sypek                                                                                                 Student:  Gabrielle Prager


Officer Responsibilities

The FASC President school shall:
A. Preside at all Meetings
B. Serve as an ex-officio member of all FASC committees.
C. Act as the Chairperson of the FASC Executive Board.
D. Request the Executive Director to provide for auditing the financial records.
E. Establish and appoint members to ad hoc committees.
F. Deliver the State of the Association Address at the annual FASC convention.
H. Perform other duties as directed by the membership or Executive Board.

The FASC Vice-president school shall:
A. Shall perform the duties of the President in the event of his/her absence.
B. Work with the Treasurer in identifying topics and presenters for workshops at the annual state convention.
C. Coordinate/decorate and preside at the banquet at the state convention
D. Publish, with the assistance of the Executive Director, at least four editions of the Florida Sun prior to the state convention.
E. Perform other duties as directed by the membership or Executive Board.

The FASC Secretary school shall:
A. Keep a permanent record of all Executive Board and regular FASC meetings.
B. Compile a summarized report of convention and committee meetings which are to be sent to all member schools through the Florida Sun.
C. Provide the newly elected President and Executive Director will copies of all of the resolutions adopted by the FASC at state convention.
D. To insure that all proposed resolutions and constitutional amendments are in the proper format for the state convention and that all member schools in attendance have at least two copies of each.
E. Perform other duties as directed by the membership or Executive Board.

The FASC Treasurer school shall:
A. Serve as host school for the annual state convention.
B. Make arrangements for the state convention with the Executive Director.
C. Have the responsibility, along with the advisor and school principal, for all financial matters pertaining to the state convention, subject to the approval of the Executive Board.
D. Present an itemized report of the convention to the Executive Director. Such reports must be completed as soon as possible following the convention and must carry the signatures of the school advisor and principal.
E. Perform other duties as directed by the membership or Executive Board.

The FASC Parliamentarian school shall:
A. Attend all FASC Executive Board and regular meetings and offer procedural rulings.
B. Oversee the election process at the annual state convention.
C. Not be eligible to vote on any issue brought before the Executive Board.