FASC Advisors

Advisor Organizations

Florida Association of Student Council Advisors (FASCA)

This is our state advisor’s Association. This association sponsors in-state advisors clinics and holds its annual meeting during the FASC State Convention. Remember, the FASCA is a student council advisors association. Membership in the FASCA is not the same as school membership in the Florida Association of Student Councils. 

National Association of Workshop Directors (NAWD)

This organization was started by Dr. Earl Reum and its original purpose was to establish a forum at which leadership workshop directors could exchange ideas and talk with consultants. It has evolved into an organization for activities advisors, particularly student council advisors, making the name of the organization somewhat of a misnomer. NAWD holds an annual conference the first full weekend in December and this conference is the closest thing there is to a national student council advisor clinic. Membership information can be obtained by going to the NAWD website.

The Alliance for Student Activities (the Alliance)

The alliance is a new organization membership in which is open to all co-curricular advisors and sponsors (SGA, Class, NHS, Club, etc.). The mission of The Alliance is to provide Advisor Training, Student Leadership Training, the promotion of the value of cocurricular activities to the education and political committees and to provide a networking venue for advisors, teachers and administrators. The FASC is affiliated with The Alliance providing Florida advisors and sponsors with a reduced membership fee. For more information regarding The Alliance see the Florida Affiliation Form.

Resources For Advisors