Project: Honor Flight

2015 Project: Honor Flight

The State Project for the Florida Association of Student Councils is support of Honor Flight. Honor Flight is a charity that has as its purpose flying World War II Veterans to Washington D.C., at absolutely no cost to the veteran, to visit their memorial.

Sixteen and a half million Americans served in our armed services during World War II. Approximately 435,399 never returned home. Those that did had to wait until 2004 for the completion of the National World War II Memorial. Sadly, by that date most of the surviving veterans had passed away. Today slightly over one million World War II veterans are still with us however, they are passing at a rate of almost 300,000 per year. This statistic makes Honor Flight a matter of urgency.

Each member school of the Florida Association of Student Councils has been challenged to raise enough money to send at least one veteran on an Honor Flight. Honor Flight is a unique charity, not only is there a looming deadline for the completion of the “Final Mission” but over 98% of the funds donated go directly to flying a Veteran to D.C. at no cost to the veteran.

There are nine Honor Flight Hubs serving Florida. Contact information for those Hubs can be found HERE.

A couple of ideas for raising funds can be found HERE. However, in addition to raising funds there are other projects that schools can undertake to honor veterans or aid Honor Flight, they include: 

  • Visiting and honoring those veterans who are physically unable to fly;
  • Dedicating the flag pole at your school to a veteran;
  • Inviting a World War II veteran to speak at your school; and
  • Participating in an Honor Flight “Homecoming”.

We, as a nation and a people, owe these men so much and participating in Honor Flight is a way to start repaying that debt. Let’s help them complete their the “Final Mission”.