Safe School Funding

Safe Schools Funding

FASA included safe school funding in its 2017-2018 legislative platform. Here are a collection of resources on school safety. 

Safe School Fliers

Allocations Chart

Talking to Students About Violence

Social Media and School Crises


"Not if but when: Equip Florida schools to respond to violence" - Orlando Sentinel

"Florida lawmakers repeatedly denied pleas for more school-safety money" - TC Palm

Fast Facts about Safe School Funding 
  • Escambia County, Polk County, Manatee County, Leon County, and now Broward County – all these places have been in the news in the last month and a half for weapons-related incidents
  • Since July, FASA has been advocating for increased safe schools funding
  • Our executive director gave a presentation to the Florida State Board of Education outlining the decline in funding and the increase in student enrollment
  • We asked for $10 million in additional safe school funding and in the fall, FASA released its legislative platform which included safe school funding as a priority
  • Following this, Gov. Scott also recommended a $10 million increase in his proposed 2018-19 budget
  • Current, the Florida Senate is proposing a $13.7 million increase and The Florida House has designated zero additional dollars
  • We are in critical need of an increase in safe school funding with the changing climate of our schools
  • Currently, 83 percent of safe schools funding pays for SRO salaries
  • Although there are 67 school districts, they receive a pot of $63 million– less than $1 million per district
  • Every school deserves the funding to employ an adequate number of tactically trained SROs to attempt to prevent devastating events such as the recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida
  • Other uses of safe school funding include necessary training for administrators, teachers, and staff on rapid response lockdown procedures, evacuation, de-escalation skills, parent reengagement, etc.