What Does FASA's Professional Development Offer?

By: M. Juhan Mixon, Ed.D.

FASA provides more opportunities for professional development to school administrators than virtually any other education organization in the state. Last year approximately 7,000 individuals attended FASA sponsored PD. Topics ran the gamut from school safety to early childhood, teacher feedback to student attendance, technology to culture and climate. Thirty-three districts varying in size from Miami-Dade to Washington County participated. We anticipate Duval, Clay, Suwannee, Hamilton, and Columbia will join us in 2019-2020.
Obviously we are proud of these record numbers! For the upcoming year, we are ratcheting up our efforts. Plans are now focused on more regionally located PD to provide opportunities for drive-ins without the need to travel great distances or spend the night. Because of demand, there will be summits on reducing teacher absenteeism, increasing learning from birth to grade 2, providing training on social-emotional learning, targeted feedback, task and time management, technology, advocacy, and literacy. In conjunction with the Florida School Finance Officers Association, FASA will provide the second year of the two-year Institute of Florida School Finance. Now, FASA is working with the Florida Education Negotiators to develop a training program for district and school-based leaders on contract negotiation, grievances, and collective bargaining.
In August, the Association will sponsor a webinar in cooperation with Florida School Boards Association Superintendent Search Team for aspiring superintendents. Currently, there are eight known or expected superintendent vacancies and we anticipate additional districts will be searching within the next couple of years. Many district and school-level administrators are interested but have never been involved as a candidate. The webinar will provide them the opportunity to hear from experts as what to expect in the application and interview process. It will help candidates prepare for the process and offer tips on how to make an application shine. By request, we will be accepting questions anonymously prior to the webinar. In addition, we will take questions live during the session. It will be offered to FASA Members at no cost.
As FASA contemplates our PD offering we need your input. Please submit your ideas for topics and webinar questions to Michele White, Associate Executive Director (mwhite@fasa.net). The quality and success of the FASA PD program should match your interest and expectations.