Supplemental Resources for Learning at Home

FASA COVID-19 Online Resources

FASA has complied links and resources for you in this transition  to digital learning. Links are provided on each logo and in the text. Thank you to our business partners for supporting the students and educators in Florida.

Supplemental Resources for Learning at Home

FDOE Updates




A.V.E. for Success- A collection of K-12 digital resources co-developed with Apple Inc.

Comcast is offering free wifi hotspots and Internet Essentials for the next two months. 

Florida DOE Resources

FDOE Issued Guidance

Recursos en español




Scholastic Education- Learn from Home is a free website that provides students with 20 days’ worth of exciting learning journeys carefully created by our editors to span the content areas and keep your students actively engaged and challenged.  

ClassWallet can fund parent accounts with funds only allowed for to pay for approved service providers.

As schools and districts open their buildings for the 2021-22 school year, there’s a wide range of issues they need to communicate about with their families, students, staff and community members. The COVID-19 school communication templates HERE are available for free to school and district leaders, communication professionals, and other staff members. Please use them as you see fit, without attribution. The Donovan Group team will continue to update and add more school communication templates to the items below in the near future. This resource was last updated July 31, 2021.



Edgenuity is offering their customers and other Florida districts a variety of customized options; one such option is a no-cost teacher-led online solution where educators can use Edgenuity’s online curriculum to provide instruction to students during this closure. Educators can broadcast themselves teaching/facilitating Edgenuity lessons using Zoom or Google Classroom so students can continue learning.

No Kid Hungry is offering emergency relief grants to support local school districts, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies in their efforts to ensure kids get the nutritious food they need.

Kuder is also offering new free resources  as a response to the COVID-19/coronavirus pandemic. Their Success At Home supports career development from anywhere. In it, you’ll find lesson plans, system access, login instructions, webinars, videos, and more.

Discovery Education- Teaching Children about Viruses and Outbreaks 

Discovery Education is supporting the State of Florida with entirely free access to the dynamic Experience platform. Including 190,000 assignable, editable activities, and resources explicitly created for virtual education. Providing lessons in core curriculum concepts of math, science, social studies, ELA, and health with over 1000 grab-and-go lessons tailored to meet the needs of your students. Please view more details at and complete the Access Request Form if you do not already have access within your district.


RethinkEd Social, Emotional and Mental Wellness support during school closures.

Edgenuity's Purpose Prep videos are available to families and students to have discussions together regarding the stress and anxiety during this time.  This is for families and students to watch together, to encourage meaningful conversation, and help everyone do and be the best they can.




Renaissance solutions that can help educators, families, and students with at-home learning. This includes free options for digital reading with myON, and online practice with Freckle for math, ELA, science and social studies.

Nepris is an online platform that virtually connects teachers and students with guest speakers, bringing real-world relevance to daily lesson plans, mentor students on class projects, evaluate student work, and provide virtual tours of workspaces. These connections can take place from anywhere - home or classroom - and can be accessed in the classroom or by individual students at home.
Nepris is Here to Help
Nepris is giving every educator, student, and parent free and unlimited access to their Live Virtual Industry Chats and Video Library to ensure continued learning for students during this new norm of virtual connections. Learn more here.


Businesses today are expected to create a hygienic environment for guests to feel confident away from home. 

For 130 years, Lysol® has been a trusted brand in helping to reduce the spread of illness-causing germs by keeping facility surfaces clean and disinfected. Our purpose is to help reduce illness by stopping the spread of germs on surfaces and ensure commercial businesses have what it takes to protect. 

This enhanced cleaning & disinfection guide will help illustrate how to help reduce the spread of illness-causing germs on surfaces by demonstrating where key germ hot-spots exist, how to best utilize Lysol® products to disinfect these surfaces, and how frequently surfaces should be disinfected is an ideal resource for remote learning that requires minimal supervision by teachers and provides each student with a personal learning program. Learn more about starting a free pilot in your school or district.

Horace Mann agents are available to help answer questions about policies and accounts. To find your school’s agent, use the agent locator or customers can log in.
Learn about how these events are impacting the financial markets in the educational information from their fund companies. Horace Mann agents can discuss as well.









Cloud9World has opened their online libraries for ALL districts in Florida. Click here.

AIG offers some advice for addressing market volatility by age how to keep calm when markets are volatile.

Lexia understands how disruptive an extended school closure can be and we are committed to helping you ensure the continuity of student learning. Both Lexia® Core5® Reading and Lexia® PowerUp Literacy® can be used from home as part of a remote learning implementation during extended school closures or other special circumstances. 

InSync is an online database of thousands of academic resources and activities, providing enrichment and learning strategies to K-12 students. InSync resources include all core subject areas, including Reading/Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies/History. To support the varied needs of InSync users, all content can be accessed on any computer or mobile device, and viewed or listened to in English, Spanish, and Haitian Creole. 

To access this free version of InSync, click here or,visit and click on Sign Up at the top of the screen. Then choose the Student or Parent role and enter FREE as your Sign Up Code and you’re on your way. 

This free software allows teacher to do a local recording on their computer, which will capture the audio from the computers sound card or internal microphone.  This software records the screen of the teacher’s computer and stitches it with the audio file.  The teacher can upload this file to your preferred learning management system (LMS) for students to review.  This can be utilized in the classroom, or at home and will provide them with a very simple interface to facilitate instruction.


Teachers and families are lookign for additional support as school closures become the new normal.  Equitable has put together a list of websites that provide resources and special tips to help facilitate home learning during these challenging times. 

Stock market volatility can leave you feeling unsettled. These periods of uncertainty may be uncomfortable, even for the most seasoned investors, but it’s important to keep perspective while pursuing your long-term financial goals.

At Equitable, we’re here to help you navigate through volatility so you can make smart choices based on your needs, not on the market's ups and downs. Keep these things in mind during market volatility and talk to a financial professional, who will help you be ready for whatever lies ahead