Webinar: Visionary Leadership for Remote Learning


April 7, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. (EDT)






There’s an immediate need, and a future need, to help leaders develop a vision of what learning looks like now and how it can transform their schools. (to take current learning and progress into the future).

Schools, and their leaders, have been thrust into this new space without being professionally prepared or developed for leadership in this new space. This session will help leaders press pause, be introspective, create a vision around what they’re doing now and what they can do moving forward - SETTING A NEW VISION.

We hope to inspire building level leaders to take this opportunity and make significant positive impact of it. We desire for leaders to build a new, engaging future for students (you have a chance to try, fail, and try again) - to build a roadmap. What can you imagine? This is the “Big Sky”.  The path has been cleared; chance to fail forward - contraints are on hold.

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