FASC Kickoff Conference 2020


What is FASC Kickoff Conference?

We are going virtual! And we are going to be SUPER HEROS! FASC Kickoff Clinic is usually one evening and one full day leadership development/energizer conference sponsored by the Florida Association of Student Councils (FASC). However, this year, 2020, we are going virtual.  So, our program will be hosted on Saturday, Nov. 7, 2020.  We will begin at 9:00 am and conclude at 3:00 pm (EST).

Featured presenters…

Kyle Willkom has always strived to live an action-packed life.  Along with starting his leadership development company, Action Packed Leadership. Kyle travels the country, guitar in hand, delivering inspirational speeches that are funny, interactive, and life-changing. His speeches motivate and challenge students to have a vision, set goals, accomplish big things, and become a better version of themselves. 



My name is Jesse LeBeau and I want to be completely transparent with you. My whole life I’ve been overlooked and under-estimated, and I always felt like I had to prove myself. I’ll be honest it didn’t always make for a lot of fun growing up, but looking back at it now I couldn’t be more thankful that I was an underdog. It taught me the importance of hard work, to believe in myself, and how to take complete ownership for my life. I learned how to go from the victim to the victor and how to turn my biggest weaknesses into my greatest strengths. 


Motivational Media

In Real Life, our Motivational Media presentation for the 2020 leadership clinic, is a 45 minute program teaching elements of leadership. 

Workshops – Advisors and Students

Students and advisors will attend 4 workshops during the day.  The workshops will be presented live to allow participants to converse in the chatbox to interact and engage with other delegates while learning about projects and programs available to schools.  Workshop presenters will upload PowerPoints and handouts that will be available to registered participants.  

If students are willing to be a workshop presenter, please contact Melissa Mauldin at Gainesville High School, mauldimd@gm.sbac.edu
If advisors are willing to be a workshop presenter, please contact Jenny VanPelt at Academy of the Holy Names, jvanpelt@holynamestpa.org  OR Wendy Cartwright at Ocoee High School,  wendy.cartwright@ocps.net.

Parade of Ideas

We are asking each school to copy and send at least one FASC Project of the Year form from your FASC Medallion Book or FASC Project of the Year Competition.  These forms will create our “Parade of Ideas”.  The file will be available to registered participants on our virtual platform. Please send a hard copy of projects with your registration form OR email them to Melissa Sohn at sohnm@highlands.k12.fl.us.   


Here's How to Attend!

Students and advisors from any middle or high school in the state of Florida may attend this conference. There are 2 options for schools to choose from in order to participate.  
OPTION 1 is for registration fee only.  The Option 1 cost to participate is $20.00 per person, which will provide each delegate a personal login for the daily agenda.  Delegates will be able to participate in all online opportunities.  
OPTION 2 is the registration fee and a goodie box.  Included in each school’s goodie box is a FASC Kickoff T-shirt, FASC button, and a hard copy of the agenda for each delegate.  Your school’s goodie box will be mailed directly to the advisor.   The Option 2 cost to participate is  $30.00 per person. Schools must register ALL delegates for either Option 1 or Option 2.  

All FASC event paperwork and payments are due by the event registration deadline, for Option 1 is Friday, October 23, and For Option 2 is Friday, October 16. A school will NOT be registered until the required paperwork and payment have been received.  NO refunds will be issued after the event registration deadline.  Substitute delegates will be accepted as long as their required paperwork is received 48 hours prior to the start of the event.

DOWNLOAD and mail registration form with payment.


Login Information

Advisor and student delegates will receive emails with their personal login information for the FASC Leadership Kickoff Conference.  We will ask each participant to login to the system BEFORE Saturday, Nov. 7th to ensure the login information and password is working. 


Who can I contact for more information?

You can contact the FASC Executive Director, Dr. Mel Sohn at sohnm@highlands.k12.fl.us or call (863) 699–5010.