Meet the Experts Who Deliver Real World Learning&Career Exposure to All Students

Meet the Experts that Deliver Real World Learning and Career Exposure to All Students

December 8 at 10:30am EST

How is your district addressing workforce preparation? It’s never too early to begin exposing students to their professional interest and path. We would like to introduce a remarkable solution, Nepris.

Founded over seven years ago, Nepris is created for educators and students to virtually participate in career exploration, integrate live or pre-recorded industry sessions into your curriculum plan, and prepare students for unlimited college and career possibilities.

What You’ll Discover in our Session:
• Connecting students and educators with professionals at all grade levels
• See what a virtual field trip looks like with an industry or career expert
• How to request guest speakers for students and their area of interest
• Utilizing a library of over 11,700 industry sessions, delivered by 41,000+ professionals
• Assist student research and compare careers
• Creating professional and career interest for digital academy students
• Find out more about a Nepris an exclusive FASA member-only program