Student Councils

Why you should join FASC

FASC offers an avenue for student leaders to come together to create a productive learning atmosphere by providing opportunities and information to your organization. FASC hosts conferences and meetings to inspire your student leaders and empower your Student Council. 

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Student Councils

The Florida Association of Student Councils (FASC) consists of over 200 middle and high schools from throughout the State of Florida who are working together to bring about a growth in student leadership development, participation in student activities and student engagement in civic affairs.

Over the years, FASC has witnessed a tremendous change in the role school student councils and student governments play both in their schools and their communities. It is the overall goal of the FASC to assist school student councils in their efforts to meet the changing needs of their schools and students in the 21st century.

Much more can be learned about the FASC, including a brief history of the organization, by going to the Question and Answer area of the website. The FASC is constantly working and organizing to be able to reach the goals of:

  1. Developing and promoting student engagement in their schools and communities.
  2. Facilitating the sharing of ideas, news and projects among member schools.
  3. Encouraging student participation in student council/student government on all levels.
  4. Developing student leadership, responsibility, personal growth.
  5. Practicing and promoting the idea of representative democracy.

To achieve these goals the FASC advertises and promotes attendance at the meetings held in each of the six FASC districts, sponsors a leadership clinic open to advisors and students in the fall of each year, offers a spring officer training, holds a state convention at which state officers are elected and resolutions are adopted and publishes two newsletters, the Florida Sun and Leadership Florida. In addition the FASC maintains a website,, on which you can find the current FASC and FASC District officers, the FASC and FASC District constitutions, FASC District meeting dates and conference and convention materials. Additionally examples of school constitutions, leadership lesson lesson plans, awards programs, and tutorials can be found. The website is updated regularly. Please feel free to use any and all of the information on this website.

For more information regarding the FASC please go to the Question and Answer area found under Member Information.

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