District Administrators

Superintendents, instructional supervisors and support administrators make up nearly 20% of the FASA membership, with superintendents having 100% membership in FASA. Each group is represented by a Department of FASA with its own Board of Directors and representation on the FASA Board.


FASA has maintained connection with the Florida Association of DIstrict School Superintendents and their three top officers also sit on the FASA Board of Directors. In 2016, 100% of superintendents joined FASA to ensure a strong voice for ALL administrators.

Instructional Supervisors and Administrators

When joining FASA, instructional supervisors and those whose role relates to curriculum are automatically members of the Florida Association of Instructional Supervisors and Administrators (FAISA). The purpose of FAISA is to advance the professional opportunities of instructional administrators and to provide these professionals with an organized and unified effort to improve the quality of education for all students in Florida.

Support Administrators

Florida Support Administrators Association (FSAA) is a professional organization for school and district finance, personnel, transportation, food services, public information and other support services and when a member in these categories joins FASA, they automatically gain membership to FSAA. The mission of FSAA is to bring together the top educational leaders of today and tomorrow to create a better, more sustainable support to our association members by engaging them through networking, training opportunities, and promotion of the duties and functions they perform.