FASA Staff


Michele White, C.A.E

Executive Director 

Email : mwhite@fasa.net

As FASA’s executive director, Michele oversees all of FASA's daily operations, policies and procedures. Overall, Michele leads the association in identifying, developing and executing strategic initiatives for the association that align the organization to serve present and future membership needs. She also serves as the primary representative of the association to external stakeholders such as other industry associations, customer groups, suppliers and the general public to create positive partnerships and outcomes for the association.


Brandi Morris

Member Relations Coordinator 

Email : bmorris@fasa.net

Brandi is responsible for developing and executing strategies to recruit and retain of FASA’s members. She also is in charge of maintaining records and serves as the first point of contact for all members and recruitment initiatives. With this , she also works closely with Regional Directors and local associations to strengthen the voice and presence of FASA at all levels. She also serves as the staff liaison for the Awards Committee.


Armon’da Davis

Communications Director

Email: adavis@fasa.net

Armon’da is responsible for managing all of FASA’s internal/external communication efforts including advertising, graphic design, media relations and web development. He is also tasked with developing and implementing marketing strategies to further the associations digital and public footprint.


David B. Higgins, C.A.E

Business Partnerships Director

Email : dhiggins@fasa.net

With over 17 years of association experience , David is responsible for cultivating and maintaining partnerships amongst business partners and other organizations. This includes identifying opportunities for new partnerships while strengthening existing relationships and collaborations.


Amy Coleman 

Professional Development & Events Coordinator

Email : acoleman@fasa.net

Amy is responsible for the planning and execution of all events, conferences, and professional development workshops. This includes managing speakers, exhibits, registration and overseeing all on-site operations for all of FASA’s events.


Ethan Sawyer

Policy Intern 

Email: esawyer@fasa.net

 Ethan monitors actions taken by the Florida Department of Education and the Florida Legislature. He provides reports via the FASA Friday Facts and the Advocate newsletter. 


Contact FASA

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