FASA Departments

FAEMSP - Florida Association of Elementary & Middle School Principals

FAEMSP encompasses principals at the elementary and middle school levels.
Vision: FAEMSP will be a leading contributor in the development and attainment of the educational goals for the children of Florida.
Mission: FAEMSP will support and represent Elementary and Middle School Principals through advocacy, leadership, and professional development.

The National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP) has a reciprocal joint membership agreement with FAEMSP.  When administrators join FAEMSP, they also join NAESP and strengthen their professional affiliation.

FASSP - Florida Association of Secondary School Principals
The FASSP organizes and unifies the effort to improve the quality of education for the middle and high school students of the State of Florida. This is achieved through ongoing support from school leaders.

FASSP is a unified state with the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP), and we encourage all secondary principals to be members at the state and national level.

FAPA - Florida Assistant Principal Association
The First State AP Association in the history of Professional Associations Florida's assistant principals have a voice! FAPA will replace FAPN, the Florida AP Network as a fully sanctioned and equally represented organization within FASA. ALL 6,500+ Florida assistant principals are encouraged to join their own professional organization: FAPA. Get involved! Now is the time!

FAISA - Florida Association of Instructional Supervisors & Administrators 
The Florida Association of Instructional Supervisors and Administrators (FAISA) was established in 1977 as one of five departments of the Florida Association of School Administrators (FASA). The purpose of FAISA is to advance the professional opportunities of instructional administrators and to provide these professionals with an organized and unified effort to improve the quality of education for all students in Florida.

FSAA - Florida Support Administrators Association
The Florida Support Administrators Association (FSAA) - professional organization for school and district finance, personnel, transportation, food services, public information and other support services.


FADSS - Florida Association of District School Superintendents

At one time, FADSS was a Department of FASA and although they have moved out of the umbrella, FASA has kept ties with the Association and still has representation on the FASA Board of Directors. In fact, FASA has 100% of superintendents as members!

FAPEL - Florida Association of Professors of Educational Leadership

In June 2012, the FASA Board of Directors approved the Florida Association of Professors of Education Leadership (FAPEL) as an affiliate association of FASA. Leadership and members of both FAPEL and FASA are excited about the potential benefits to each organization as well as benefits to the quality, quantity and relevance of professional development of education leaders and aspiring education leaders. FAPEL includes 22 colleges and universities with over 51 professors of education leadership. 

FASC - Florida Association of Student Councils

FASC is part of the FASA umbrella. The organization consists of over 200 middle and high schools from throughout the State of Florida who are working together to bring about a growth in student leadership development, participation in student activities and student engagement in civic affairs.