Political Action Committee

Status: Active
Notes: 10106 FASA-PAC Board of Directors

10106.1 The FASA-PAC Board of Directors shall consist of the FASA Executive Committee (the FASA President, the FASA President Elect and the FASA Past President) or his/her designee.

10106.2 The President from each of FASA's five department associations or his/her designee.

10106.3 The FASA Legislative Committee Chairperson.

10106.4 One designee from each local affiliate of the FASA-PAC.

10106.5 The Executive Director and Associate Executive Director of FASA shall serve as ex-officio members.

10106.6 The FASA-PAC Board of Directors shall elect a chairperson from its membership for a one-year term.

10106.7 Each FASA-PAC board member shall serve for a one-year term and no more than two consecutive terms.