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National: High school football players see a classmate being bullied over his clothes, and they react in an incredible way
An inspiring story is being reported from a high school in Tennessee after two football players saw one of their classmates being bullied for wearing the same clothes from one day to another, and they jumped in to help.
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State: Senators to get update on school safety in Florida
The Senate Education Committee is scheduled next week to discuss how new school-security measures are being carried out by school districts, as lawmakers start holding committee meetings in advance of the 2020 legislative session.
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State: Lake teachers saw classroom supply funds earlier this year
Lake County teachers may find it easier to buy classroom supplies without dipping as deeply into their person funds this year. The Lake County School District has used an online purchasing program lauded by the local teacher’s union to give teachers access to $150 in classroom funds earlier than in previous years. The program, called ClassWallet, allows teachers to shop tax-free through popular vendors, many of whom offer free shipping, or to be reimbursed by scanning receipts into the app.
“Teachers like this because it’s a faster process, they can get reimbursed directly into their bank account and they can buy materials into the second semester,” Lake County Education Association president Stuart Klatte said.
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State: Boy Bullied for His Homemade University of Tennessee T-Shirt; School Makes It an Official Design
A Florida student obsessed with the University of Tennessee wanted to represent the Volunteers during his elementary school’s “College Colors Day,” but didn’t own any of their apparel — so he took the matter into his own hands. Laura Snyder, his teacher at Altamonte Elementary School in Altamonte Springs, says he drew a “U.T.”, the university’s logo, on paper and pinned it to an orange t-shirt. 

But by lunchtime, the spirited Vols fan was in tears.

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State: Public school demographics are changing: Minority students now dominate many school systems
Five years ago, educators, demographers, and reporters took note of an education milestone: White students no longer would be the majority in the nation’s public schools. Instead, other racial groups, including the burgeoning population of school-aged Hispanics, would eclipse white kids. The change occurred in 2014, federal data show, when minorities for the first time made up 50.3 percent of the country’s public schools, and white students comprised 47.7 percent. But five years later, there’s already a new milestone, though families and taxpayers may not have noticed it: In a handful of states, including Florida, the percent of white students has now dipped to below 40 percent, creating even broader diversity but also challenges.
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