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Latest News

Substitute teaching is even tougher during the COVID-19 pandemic
What school kid hasn’t rejoiced on hearing their teacher is out for the day and the class will get a substitute? It may seem great fun for students. But think about the substitute teacher, either doing lessons on Zoom or parachuting into a socially distanced classroom with all the risks involved.

With so many regular teachers getting sick, going into quarantine or experiencing burnout, subs are needed more than ever. 

Substitute teacher Patrice Pullen of Orlando, Florida, says she prepared for the challenge early. “I had full regalia on,” she says. “I had the face shield, my gloves. And I said to the kids, ‘I’m your new warrior teacher. You guys are my warrior students.’ I said you’re so brave.”

Florida teachers could see pay raises thanks to new legislative bill
A new starting salary for teachers in Martin County is on the line.

The current proposal, made possible by House Bill 641, would raise the minimum salary for all certified teachers in Martin County more than $6,000 to a starting wage just below $45,000.

"This is the biggest increase we've had in decades and so it definitely is a step in the right direction," said Karen Resciniti, president of the Martin County Education Association.

Florida educators say pandemic ‘is not over and it’s not going anywhere in the near future’
It’s been six weeks since Rocky Hanna, Leon County Schools superintendent in North Florida, reopened schools after abruptly closing in the spring due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

The county allowed children to return to schools on August 31 in order to avoid potential financial penalties from Florida for not offering in-person options. Forty-four percent came back to in-person classrooms while 55% opted to start the school year remotely.

“There were a lot of our parents that needed to get back to work, that needed their children in school, and by us giving families those options, I think we absolutely did the right thing,” said Hanna.

5 school leaders' expert advice for aspiring administrators
There’s no course or resource book that can truly prepare school leaders for every situation they will encounter — but there are key strategies and mindsets that can help aspiring administrators be effective leaders in the future. 

“The pandemic is a classic example,” Steve Joel, superintendent of Lincoln Public Schools in Lincoln, Nebraska, told Education Dive. No one in school administration had professional development coursework in preparing for a major health crisis that would close school buildings for extended periods, he said.

But by learning, listening and collaborating with others during crises and everyday management responsibilities, administrators can gain confidence and reach positive results, Joel said.