5 Phrases Administrators Can Use to Foster Effective Communication With Teachers

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By: Miriam Plotinsky

TGIF, Victor thinks as he opens his laptop and gets ready for the day.            

Suddenly, the classroom door opens and Victor’s assistant principal pokes her head in. Gina already has an apologetic look on her face, and Victor braces himself. Sure enough, the words that come out of her mouth are among his least favorite: “I need you to cover a class today. I’m so sorry, but we’re short on substitutes again.”

This has become an all-too-common feature of Victor’s week. He is so tired of using his planning time to cover for absent colleagues—especially without being asked or given an option. Sighing, he steadies himself for another long end to the week. 

School leaders and coaches are often overwhelmed with the number of tasks on their to-do lists each day. It’s all too easy for emails or comments to inadvertently alienate teachers—their most important audience for collaboration. To create a space where mutual expertise is valued between teachers and leaders, here are a few key phrases that increase constructive conversations between teachers and administrators.