Brevard school board narrows superintendent list to eleven

Daily News Stories,

VIERA, Fla. — The Brevard County School Board has narrowed the field of superintendent candidates they’re considering.

In one of the fastest meetings in recent memory, the 5 board members discussed the pool of 33 candidates for superintendent.

Some are current or former superintendents, associate superintendents chiefs of staff, or held other executive level positions.

“We have a wide variety of the way individuals look at things on the board, so we wanted to be able to include everybody,” Matt Susin, Brevard School Board Chair, said. “So if you only got two votes, and half of the board didn’t think those applicants were there, but we wanted to include them as part of the conversation.”

Those chosen include:

  • Ernie Lozano, currently Chief of Staff with Broward County Schools
  • Scott Schneider, Chief of Duval County Schools
  • James Larsen, Senior Executive Director of Federal Grants with Orange County Schools
  • Mark Rendell, former Superintendent of Indian River County Schools
  • Rebecca Raulerson, Polk County Schools Regional Assistant Superintendent
  • John Stratton, Hernando County Schools Superintendent
  • Jason Wysong, Deputy Superintendent Seminole County Schools
  • Mark Vianello, Marion County Schools Chief Operations Officer
  • Retired Navy Captain Stephen Kingston of Satellite Beach
  • Kim Moore, Assistant Superintendent for Career and Innovative Programs for Pasco County Schools
  • Peter Licata, Regional Superintendent of Palm Beach County Schools

“There was a really good consensus on some of the candidates, there was a healthy, diverse pick there, so I’m happy, I feel like we are moving in the right direction and I only have positive vibes going forward,” says Jennifer Jenkins, Brevard School Board District 3.

The board’s list is to replace interim BPS Superintendent Robert Schiller, who was placed on administrative leave.

Long-time assistant Superintendent Sue Hann is filling the role right now.

“Hopefully in 8-12 weeks we will have someone in place and be able to turn over the reigns,” Hann said.

Finalists will be chosen at a special meeting on April 18.

On April 27 and the 28, those candidates will come back for a series of interviews as the board picks who they want to lead the school system.