FASA works with many groups to provide resources to administrators. See below for specific information.

Florida KidCare Principal Toolkit

FASA has teamed up with Florida KidCare to make health and dental insurance accessible to every school child in the state. Approximately 257,000 children are without health and/or dental insurance. More than half of these students are eligible for free or very low cost insurance. Even then, a family can pay as little as $15-20 a month to cover all children in a household. 

You can be a champion for kids in your school. Ask a staff member, teacher, guidance counselor, or school nurse to help your school identify and assist families with enrollment. Their information is never shared with other government agencies and immigration status is never asked. 

Students do better in school when they're not hungry, sick or ill. Look for your toolkit and join the effort to insure all children K-12.

CLICK HERE to download the toolkit.