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“The National Academy of Science conducted a study to assess what the current state of knowledge is on this topic. Findings are stated as The Principles for Effective Teaching and Learning, and they will resonate with good teachers. 1. Students’ preconceptions must be engaged in the learning process. The purpose of education is to help students understand the world on a different level, but the previous level must be understood to make the new learning effective. For example, young children who are being taught that the world is round often think of it a pancake, not a globe. Teachers need to know preconceptions of students and have strategies to challenge those preconceptions. 2. The ability to understand a subject and to transfer knowledge requires a deep foundation of factual knowledge, but that factual knowledge must be organized around core concepts, e.g., animal species, geography, civil war. Information by itself is not transferred without core concept organization, e.g., what does it take for an animal species to survive (to protect itself until maturity, to feed, to move; why have cities grown up around rivers. Teachers need to study and then develop some topics in depth. The must understand the core concepts themselves and have curriculum materials and assessments that emphasize core concepts. 3. The development of expertise requires application of a metacognitive approach.”

—Suzanne Donnovan, National Academy of Science

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Teachers plan to rally Tuesday against excessive testing of students
The local teachers' union will hold a rally Tuesday before the School Board meeting so that teachers can voice their concerns about excessive student testing.

'We're not going to leave any kid behind'
...When the district implemented the new approach last year, they saw the number of students suspended drop by more than 2,200 students.

Scott and Crist set to clash in 2nd debate
Republican Gov. Rick Scott and Republican-turned-Democrat former Gov. Charlie Crist are squaring off again in the second of three debates.

Volusia joins school boards in requesting delays on new standards
The Volusia County School Board asked state officials to tap the brakes in the overhaul of the state's testing and school accountability system.











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