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Quote of the Day

“When staff members speak negatively about the administration when they are not present, remain very, very quiet. You’ll find that some of the criticism has merit, but most of it just amounts to blowing off steam. So if you participate in any way, even if it’s to ask an innocent question, your name could be reported as the lead gossip! Your best tactic, then, is to pretend you are too busy grading papers or scanning the bulletin board to overhear what’s being said. Make notes about genuine teacher concerns later, when you’re alone, if you wish––they’ll come in handy if you ever plan on becoming an administrator yourself. Speaking up in their defense is tempting, and it sounds noble, but it will probably backfire. Since schools are places filled with free-floating frustration, you could even become a target of venom yourself. Just remember that people with constant axes to grind get tiresome in a hurry. What goes around will eventually come around.”

—Coleen Armstrong, Teacher Magazine

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Dress codes: Where should schools set limits?
How far is too far and do schools sometimes go too far in pushing their dress code?

New Florida Exam Field Testing Will Take Place In Utah
To get an idea about how that exam might work, Florida Education Commissioner Pam Stewart announced last month it will be field tested in Utah.

The Florida Tests Which Will Remain After The Switch To Common Standards
FCAT is going away - with one exception. Fifth and eighth grade students will still take the FCAT science exam.

Up to $60,000 to lure and keep top teachers in poor-performing schools
Duval school and community leaders unveiled details Thursday of how they'll "transform" 36 low-performing schools by paying some teachers and principals up to $20,000 a year in incentives.











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