The mission of the Florida Association of School Administrators is to support and empower administrators in providing high-quality education to all students in Florida. We protect public education and its fundamental role in our society. We provide transformational opportunities to foster highly effective leaders. We prepare Florida students for global success.

To that end, FASA advocates year-round in Tallahassee and around the nation via our staff, Board of Directors and national representatives. FASA is fighting for public education and works closely with state representatives and senators in the Florida Legislature to bring about laws that bolster public education. Every year, FASA hosts the Advocate Conference where members are invited to join us for legislative briefings, set meetings with legislators, and network with one another.

Meeting your Senators and Representatives


FASA 2023 Legislative Platform

FASA's top three priorities for the 2023 Legislative Session are:

  • It is imperative we address the recruitment and retention of high impact school administrators and teachers. We can best do this by increasing salaries at all levels, supporting professional learning and providing districts funding specifically administrator PD, and strengthening mentorship programs.

  • Full funding for instructional materials, transportation, technology, and early learning will lead to greater opportunities for student success; especially when districts have flexibility to address local needs.

  • Providing safe learning environments for all is paramount. Ensure schools have the resources to secure schools, address the mental well-being of students and educators, and increase the number of school resources officers in each school at least 1 per 1,000 students.

Please click on the link below to view FASA's complete Legislative Platform.

2023 Legislative Platform