Legal Defense Assistance Program

How We Help

As a benefit to members, FASA offers the Legal Defense Assistance Program. There is no hassle on approvals, a free phone consultation with FASA attorneys, member selects own private attorney of choice, and FASA pays CASH up to $6,000 per incident on a matching basis. FASA pays whether the member is guilty or innocent of charges and upon presentation of bill and affidavits with zero hassle.

*Matching fund level based upon membership continuity.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q: Who is eligible for this plan?

A: All full-service members of FASA with at least 180 days in membership are eligible for the legal defense program. 

Q: What type of fees are included?

A: FASA's legal defense program pays defense attorney fees only and does not include judgements or punitive awards to plantiff.

Q: If I have an issue, who do I contact?

A: Please call the FASA office and ask to speak with Executive Director Michele White at (850) 224-3626.

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