Supplemental Insurance Benefits

FASA members are able to access supplemental insurance benefits for themselves and their family at a reduced rate. FASA members will find the sign-up link on their Member Compass page. Benefits include:


FASA members not eligible include Basic, Business Alliance, and Partner members.

Humana Dental

Humana DentalProper dental care is important and taking care of your oral health is an investment in your overall wellbeing. By seeing your dentist regularly, you can catch dental problems before they get too serious and require more extensive and expensive procedures.

2 Plan Options
  • Co-Insurance – Preventative (100%); Basic services (90%); Major services (60%)
  • Deductible – Individual ($50); Family ($150)
  • Waived deductible on preventative care
  • Annual Maximum - $1,500
  • Orthodontia – Adult/Child; Co-Insurance (50%); Lifetime Maximum ($1,000)
  • In-network & Out-of-network provider options

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  • No annual maximum
  • No claims to file
  • No waiting period
  • A primary care dentist required
  • Co-Payments apply. See benefit summary for details.
  • In-network only

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Humana Vision

Humana DentalA routine eye exam is important not only for correcting vision problems, but for maintaining healthy eyes and overall health wellness. Eye care providers are trained to treat for and diagnose a variety of health issues, not just eye problems. Take the time to get to know your vision plan and start experiencing healthy eyes and healthy living.

2 Plan Options
  • Co-Pay – Exam ($10); Materials ($15)
  • Frame Allowance - $130
  • Contact Lens Allowance - $130
  • Frame Benefit – 24 months

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  • Co-Pay – Exam ($10); Materials ($10)
  • Frame Allowance - $160
  • Contact Lens Allowance - $160
  • Frame Benefit – 12 months

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Manhattan Life Plans

Manhattan Life is offering plans to support you and your family through difficult times. Review the sections below for information on Whole and Term Life, Accidental, Critical Illness, and Hospital Confinement. CLICK HERE for an overview.

Whole Life:
  • The Plan Provides:
    • Premiums due until age 99
    • Benefit amount of $5,000 - $40,000
  • Guarantee Issue Coverage:
    • Employee Coverage: Up to $40,000
    • Spouse Coverage: Up to $10,000
    • Child(ren) Coverage: Up to $10,000
  • Also Includes:
    • Terminal Illness Acceleration Benefit
    • Facility Care Acceleration Benefit
    • Portability

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Term Life:

  • Pays a death benefit to your beneficiary
  • Pays an accelerated living benefit to you if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness.
  • Provides guaranteed level premiums for a 10 year term.
  • Guarantee Issue Amounts:
    • Employee - Up to $40,000
    • Spouse - Up to $10,000
    • Children - Up to $10,000

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Receive a Benefit if You Have an Accident

  • Can cover you, your spouse and your children.
  • Pays benefits directly to you, in addition to any other coverage you may have, unless otherwise designated.
  • Two levels of coverage to complement your benefits package.
  • Includes a $50 wellness screening benefit.

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  • Pays a lump sum benefit directly to you if diagnosed with a serious illness, unless otherwise designated.
  • Provides a benefit that can be used as you wish
  • Pays in addition to any other coverage you may have
  • Can cover you, your spouse and your children
  • You or a covered member of your family are diagnosed with a covered critical illness, such as a heart attack, stroke or cancer
  • Benefit Amounts:
    • FASA Member - $10,000 to $30,000
    • Dependents - Spouse = Half of the employee's coverage amount; Child = Half of the employee's coverage amount to a max of $5,000

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Provides cash benefits when you or your family are hospitalized:

  • Hospital Indemnity Benefit - If a covered person is confined as an inpatient in a hospital, pays a daily benefit of $200 for up to 30 days.
  • Intensive Care/Cardiac Care/Burn Unit - Pays a daily benefit of $200 for up to 30 days when confined to an intensive care unit.
  • Waives Premium - Waives premium if you become totally disabled for at least 90 consecutive days after the effective date of coverage.
  • First Hospitalization Admission Benefit - If confined as an inpatient in a hospital for the first time during a calendar year, pays a one-time lump sum payment of $1,500.
  • Wellness Screening - Pays a cash benefit of $50 when a member has one or more of the 21 covered screening tests. This screening benefit is payable once per covered person per calendar year.


  • Pays in addition to any other insurance.
  • Guarantee to Issue.
  • Pre-existing conditions waived.
  • Childbirth and complications of pregnancy covered

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US Legal & Identity Protection

US Legal ServicesLegal issues & Privacy concerns are a part of life. US Legal offers advice & counsel from reputable lawyers near you. US Legal also helps you monitor your most important data & take control of your privacy. Our monitoring services provide full-service support, alerting you if any discrepancies in your personal data are found, notifying you if your info is used in new applications, and warning you of any privacy concerns.

  • Covers:
    • Office/Telephone Consultations - Fully Covered
    • Consumer Protection Matters - Fully Covered
    • Debt Collection Defense - Fully Covered
    • Foreclosure Assistance - Fully Covered+
    • Personal Bankruptcy/Wage Earner Plan - Fully Covered+
    • Administrative Hearing Representation - Fully Covered
    • Civil Litigation - Plaintiff & Defendant
    • Incompetency Defense - Fully Covered
    • Personal Legal Document Prep/Review - Fully Covered - no page limit
    • Divorce, Dissolution, and Annulment - Contested & Uncontested*+
    • Enforcement or Modification Matters - Contested & Uncontested*+
    • Name Change - Fully Covered
    • Domestic Adoption - Contested & Uncontested
    • Child Support/Custody Establishment - Contested & Uncontested*+
    • Guardianship or Conservatorship - Fully Covered
    • Immigration Assistance - Fully Covered**
    • Personal Injury - First $1,000 exempt from fee
    • Eviction and Tenant Problems - Fully Covered - tenant only
    • Sale or Purchase of Home (Primary) - Fully Covered
    • Juvenile Defense - Fully Covered
    • Misdemeanor Defense - Fully Covered
    • Traffic Violations - Fully Covered
    • DUI - First Offense
    • Powers of Attorney - Fully Covered
    • Probate - Fully Covered
    • Wills/Codicils/Simple Trusts - Fully Covered
    • All other legal matters - 33.3% discounted rate
  • Identity Defender Gold covers a variety of benefits including fraud monitoring, credit card monitoring, dark web monitoring, SSN fraud monitoring, Credit Bureau monitoring and more. See summary for complete coverage.

*Subject to 12-hour limitation. **Visa Extension, Naturalization, & Deportation matters. +Subject to 120-day waiting period. Out-of-Network benefits available for all covered matters. Some limitations and exclusions apply. See Policy for more detail.

    • 15 hours of Family Law
    • Contested Guardianship
    • IRS Audit Protection
    • IRS Collection Defense
    • Real Estate matters for Secondary Residence
    • Domestic Partner Coverage
    • Dependent age increased to 26
    • Felony coverage for the Policyholder
    • Waiver of the 120-day waiting period when you enroll within the first 30 days
    • Family Defender (Legal) - $14.75 member; $15.50 family
    • Identity Defender (ID) - $5.95 member; $8.95 family
    • Family + Identity Combo - $19.00 member; $23.00 family.

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    Beyond Med Elective & Cosmetic

    Beyond MedBeyond Med is a membership program that elevates your health and well-being by providing access to a proprietary network of board-certified doctors and licensed providers at reduced rates on elective and cosmetic services.

    • No limits to benefit usage on providers in network.
    Covered services include reduced rates on elective services that are traditionally excluded or limited on your health plan such as:
    • Acupuncture
    • Anti-Aging
    • Bariatric
    • Chiropractic
    • Dermatology
    • Fertility
    • Hair Restoration
    • Hearing
    • MedSpa
    • Mental Wellness
    • Physical Therapy
    • Plastic Surgery
    • Surgical Vision
    • Veterinary
    • Vein Therapy
    • Weight Loss
    • And more!    

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