FASA, like many other professional associations, oversees a variety of political action committees (PACs) to protect the rights of administrators and advance their policy initiatives. FASA recognizes the need for its members to be politically proactive in order to have meaningful input into state-level educational policy decisions. 

Accordingly, there are local PACs affiliated with FASA located in Broward (BPAA PAC), Hillsborough (HASA PAC), and Orange (OCASA PAC) counties.

Double Down and Join the PAC

Double Down (v.): to become more tenacious, zealous, or resolute in a position or undertaking.

Joining the FASA PAC gives you access to:

  • PAC pin – especially to wear on Legislative Days
  • Weekly phone call with lobbyist & FASA Legislative Committee during Session
  • Recognition at the next Discover Conference
  • Invitations to special events with legislators/candidates
  • Special webinars by those that make presentations to Legislative committees.

Membership Levels:

  • Double Down ($25/year)
  • Leadership League ($50/year)
  • Century Club ($100/year)

Donate to the FASA PAC online HERE!


Here are some ideas you might try:

  • Host a fundraiser for the candidate. Golf tournaments, fishing tournaments, dances, fish fries or barbeques, and a host of other alternatives serve to provide enjoyable activities that can also benefit a candidate
  • Host a coffee or ice cream social and invite your friends and neighbors to meet the candidate
  • Offer to write to a specific number of friends in support of the candidate
  • Offer to place campaign signs in sites identified by the candidate
  • Offer to go door-to-door expressing your support for the candidate
  • Offer to provide needed assistance to the candidate's campaign. The candidate or campaign staff will suggest the areas in which they need the most help (such as making telephone calls, providing computer support, fielding telephone calls in the campaign office, etc.)

The best way to get involved is to call the campaign office and offer your services. The campaign staff will identify the kinds of assistance most helpful to the campaign. Find the services that best match your interests and aptitudes and jump in. The candidate will not forget your help.


FASA actively solicits interaction with legislative candidates and encourages administrators to get to know their local candidates well. 

FASA is a nonpartisan association looking for candidates who support public education.  We send candidates a questionnaire or meet with them personally to determine their involvement in and attitudes about public schools and administrators. Copies of the candidates' responses are sent to the FASA PAC Committee for their review, along with a table that summarizes the responses. The responses, as well as local administrator information about the candidates, forms the basis for the Committee's decisions regarding which candidates to endorse, give funds, or provide other campaign assistance.

Because FASA PAC has finite funds for campaign contributions, it selects those candidates who will best address the needs of the entire public education enterprise - district and school-based administrators, teachers, students, and the communities that encompass them.