About Us

School Leaders

Founded in 1977, FASA's mission is to support and empower administrators in providing high-quality education to all students in Florida. We protect public education and its fundamental role in our society. We provide transformational opportunities to foster highly effective leaders. We prepare Florida students for global success.

FASA is the second largest and fastest growing-education association in the state and has a membership of nearly 5,500 superintendents, principals, assistant principals and district-level administrators. 

Student Leaders

FASA supports student leaders in Florida by sponsoring the Florida Association of School Councils (FASC).

The Membership & Regions

The Association is the umbrella of five Departments representing these groups.

FASA has divided the state into four regions to allow for representation of each region on all Department Boards. The regions are divided as shown in the map below. Each Region has a Region Director, two Elementary and Middle School Principals (FAEMSP), two Secondary School Principals (FASSP), two Assistant Principals (FAPA), two Instructional Supervisors and Administrators (FAISA), two Support Administrators (FSAA) and one Professor of Educational Leadership (FAPEL).

Read FASA's Constitution or the Bylaws here.