Love and Dream

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By: Andrew Marotta

For my new role as Director of Communications and Academic Services in the Port Jervis School District, I had to move my office. After 20 years as a building Principal, I have a new opportunity with a lot of creative output. I’m really enjoying the work and the different types of challenges I get to take on.

As I was setting up my new office, I was putting my rocks out. This is a set of 9 silver rocks, each with a motivational word etched onto it. These rocks have been with me over my 25-year career. Dream and Love moved to the front of the pack.

While all of these words and actions are very important, I think these two are the most important. Love conquers all. When you have love in your heart, I think you look at things through a different lens. If you’ve lost love, you can always search for it and hopefully find it again.

Since we are in the business of education, kids dream a lot more than adults but it’s a powerful thing for adults as well. I think it’s important that we continue to dream and envision the things we want in our lives. Dreams are the basis of our creativity. May we continue to dream for ourselves and those around us. Dreams provide hope, excitement, and curiosity.

Love and dreams. They will help you to continue to keep rolling on your journey.

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