A.V.E. for Success is a collection of digital resources for teachers, parents and students that are Aligned to the Florida Standards, Vetted by teachers, and Embraced by students. Using the links below, teachers can find free lesson plan ideas and digital resources to engage students in content at home and in the classroom. Started in 2014, the A.V.E. for Success program highlights nearly 200 courses and over 25,000 resources for grades K-12, many with embedded ELL resources, Access courses and 32 courses on career and technical education.

A.V.E. for Success on the iTunes U platform, provides teachers, parents and students with access to consolidated collections of discrete education content assets (some in iTunesU and many outside). Teachers are able to easily identify the grade level and desired standards, and find the learning targets within the standard. Resulting in students having targeted, meaningful and engaging content. Making learning more “rigorous and relevant” by creating experiences that reward and encourage students to create, share and inquire through the use of digital platforms. A.V.E. for Success empowers and enables students of all levels as well as instructors by being an on demand, use anytime resource. A.V.E. for Success allows teachers to supplement daily instruction, provide remediation for students who may be struggling in a particular area as well as reinforce already mastered concepts.

Course collections offered range from math, English/language arts, science, social studies, digital video and resources for the Florida Standards Assessment.

166 Courses include over 22,200 digital resources aligned to the Florida Standards.

•    34 Courses
•    4,963 Digital Resources
•    6 Access Courses
•    3 ESOL Specific Courses
•    9 Honors/Advanced Courses
•    30 Courses
•    3,998 Digital Resources
•    7 Access Courses
•    6 Honors/Advanced Courses
•    32 Courses
•    3,950 Digital Resources
•    4 Access Courses
•    12 Honors/Advanced Courses
•    38 Courses
•    7,159 Digital Resources
•    8 Access Courses
•    9 Honors/Advanced Courses
•    32 Courses
•    2,053 Digital Resources
•    1 Collection
•    83 Digital Resources