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Organization Overview

Motivate and empower students to spend more time practicing and mastering science standards with Penda’s all-new gamification platform.

Standards-based and inclusive, Penda Science offers 1,000+ science activities specifically crafted for FL NGSSS. High-quality science instruction for ALL students (especially struggling readers, Level 1's and 2's, and ELL/ESOL students) is possible since all activities contain a dynamic immersive reader (with read-aloud capability) and language translator tool (60+ languages). Specifically tailored to your district’s science curriculum, Penda activities are hand-aligned to your scope, sequence, and pacing, then auto-assigned, auto-graded, and auto-reported with a full reporting suite.

Newly acquired Scantron science assessment items combined with Penda’s unique collection of grade-level, SSA/EOC prep, and mini standards-based assessments provide teachers with high-quality, informative, research-based diagnostic/formative/summative tools to assess student learning, before differentiating instruction or providing timely intervention to address learning gaps - all possible through Penda!

Interactive and engaging, leverage 100+ interactive simulations to support 5E instruction, inquiry-based learning, and virtual lab explorations.