Sun & Moon...In the Same Moment!

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Sun & Moon...In The Same Moment!

I was fortunate to spend a beautiful day in Naxos, Greece. It is the largest island of all the Greek islands. It was just a majestic and perfect day.

My daughter and I headed to a specific area of the island to see the famous sunset. This location is where the famous Temple of Apollo monument is and the sun sets in the west.

In that beautiful moment watching the sunset, I turned around and looked at the port city and saw the moon rising. A beautiful sunset in one direction, and the moon behind me, in the other. The day was ending, and the night was beginning all at the same moment.

It was just one of those perfect picturesque moments.

It made me think about the day I just had. What did I accomplish? Who did I impact? What beautiful memories were I able to make with my daughter?
With the moon rising in the other direction, I asked myself: What will tomorrow bring? How can I prepare myself tonight to be at my best for tomorrow?

These moments in time made me want to have a deeper, greater impact on people, those around me, & those in education striving to make a difference.

The sun setting was an ending and the moon rising was a new beginning all in the same moment. I challenge you to think: Are you doing the things that you want to do? Are you having the impact that you want to have? Are you reaching those you desire to reach? You may not be able to do it all in one day but you can keep moving forward day by day and night by night.

I wish you the best on your journey. Catch those beautiful sunsets when you can. They are frozen in time.

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